Important info for New Year’s Eve

NYE at DDA Important Info: This is our busiest night of the year and yes we will be receiving more calls than we will be able to get to in our normal response time, so please plan on being patient or utilizing other options. We will be hiring some temporary teams for the evening, let us know if you are interested in helping out and earning some $$$ instead of spending a fortune and being disappointed. For this night only, we are once again asking that all rides (including tip only rides) plan on paying a minimum of $20 per ride (including tip). This will guarantee our driving teams that are giving up their NYE so that you can party and get home safely a minimum income of at least $10 per person per ride. They have to also pay shift fees and gas out of what you give them, so please tip generously and be appreciative of the sacrifices our drivers are making for you.

If you need further clarification on this, you can call Bill or Kira at 404-713-1780. Thanks again for your patience and understanding, wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

By AFFCares

Who is Designated Driver Atlanta?

Let’s face it, NO ONE wants to be the designated driver! How much fun is that, being stuck with driving your friends around while they are all partying and having a great time? And how many times has your DD fallen off the wagon and gotten buzzed, leaving you all wondering how you are going to get you and your car home? You could take a taxi home and hope the car is still there in the morning, not ticketed, booted or vandalized. Of course in the morning you’ll have to find a way back to where you left it, if you can remember where you parked it. Not really a good option!

Or, one of you could drive impaired and take a chance on getting a DUI or getting in a serious or fatal accident. A DUI will cost you thousands of dollars and possible jail time, stay on your criminal history for your entire lifetime, and could cause you to lose your job or not be hired for another job in the future. Killing or injuring someone in an alcohol related accident can land you in prison and with a guilty conscience for the rest of your life. A horrible option!

A safe ride home with our friendly staff in the comfort of your own car costs you just a few bucks!

Make the right call – Call DDA every time!    Save this number in your cell phone: 404-713-1780

By AFFCares